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Vacancy for a Primary School ESL-Teacher (1,0 fte)

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Vacancy for a Primary School Teacher (1,0 fte)

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Vacancy for two temporary Teachers’ Aide

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Our School



Staff Members

Mission Statement

To empower each child intellectually, emotionally, socially, culturally, physically and spiritually in an environment conducive to self-motivated learning. The child will develop to his/her fullest potential, as a contributing member of the community.

Principal Message

I am Hortence Promes MEd, the Principal of Sacred Heart School from September, 2021. I am a mother of 4 children and so far blessed with 7 grand children. My life force is in the source of my faith that I have in God and His Son Jesus Christ.

Furthermore, I think it is important that all children receive, through education, what is necessary to develop into full members of society in the right way. Finally, I believe that parents have an important impact on the development of their children. Based on this vision on parenting, I will develop a good collaboration with parents and supporting agencies. Every child counts, every child must participate. “No one is left behind”.

Contact Details

Ms. Hortence Promes MEd.
(+599) 416.3281 ext. 204

Vice Principal
Orlando Mcpherson
(+599) 416.3281 ext. 205

Office Manager
Cassandra Holms
(+599) 416.3281 ext. 201

Care Coordinator
Ms. Ann-Marie Blaise
(+599) 416.3281 ext. 203

School Hours

School: 7:30am til 1:00pm.
Kindergarten: 8:00 til 12:30pm.
Grade 1 -5: 7:30am – 1:00pm
Grade 6: 7:30am til 2:pm.

Office Hours

Student Registration
7:15 a.m. –12 noon

Tel/Fax: 416.3281/416.3881

 Bus Schedule

Bus Pick-up: 6:30am – 7:00am.

Parents Manual

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ViceThe uniform is a symbol of the school and as such should be worn with pride. Students are required to wear the correct school uniform on school days unless otherwise stated.

Our school uniform is a blue polo shirt, along with either a short or long navy blue pants and skirts for girls, with black sneakers or black school shoes. Please read the Parents Manual for more information.


Our P.E. uniform is blue t-shirt with a navy blue pants with the school logo on it.
The house color button is part of the uniform.

Breakfast & Lunch

Before School begins & during lunch time a FREE of charge Morning Breakfast & Lunch are available for students who are of need.

“Every two weeks the school comes together for Assembly.”


Ms Hortence Promes MEd.

Ms Hortence Promes MEd.


Mr. Orlando McPherson

Mr. Orlando McPherson

Vice Principal

Ms. Ann-marie Blaise

Ms. Ann-marie Blaise

Care Coordinator

Meet Our New Staff Members

Ms. Patricia Quintero

Ms. Patricia Quintero


Mr. Alao Olalekan

Mr. Alao Olalekan

Grade 6B Teacher

Mrs. Mikaela Patras

Mrs. Mikaela Patras

Remedial Teacher

Anti-bullying campaign at Sacred Heart School

Anti-bullying campaign at Sacred Heart School

Saba’s Sacred Heart School hosted an anti-bullying week From Monday, March 15 through Friday, March 19 for all classes, facilitated by the Mentorship Program participants. Bullying is on the rise now within today’s youth. In some instances, it can result in some dire...

Additional Information

Presentis is a program that allows students to login into their personal page and view grades, homework and many more.  
Conscious Discipline is a comprehensive social and emotional intelligence classroom management program that empowers both teachers and students.
Each youngster of school-going age, must be registered in school. Read more


The MR speaks on behalf of  both parents and staff. Through the MR,  parents and teachers can have a say in decisions that affect the school. Read more

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