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July 8th-August 23rd, 2019

Saba Day
6th December, 2019

King’s Day
27th April, 2020

Teachers Return
19th August – 23rd August, 2019

Kingdom Day
15th December, 2019

Labor Day
1st May, 2020

New School Year Begins
26th August, 2019

Christmas  Vacation
16th Dec – 3rd Jan, 2020

Ascension Day
21st & 22nd May, 2020

14th – 18th October, 2019

Mid-term Break
17th – 21st Feb., 2020

Summer Vacation
6th Jul. – 21st Aug., 2020

Principal Message principal1

Dear Sacred Heart Family,

Great is his faithfulness to us, morning by morning new mercies we see.

As we start off another year I would like to take the opportunity to welcome back all of our returning families, as well as those of you who are new this year. Our skilled and devoted staff is eager and excited to start working with your children. Our hardworking custodians have ensured that the classrooms and the other facilities were thoroughly cleaned. Read more

Vision Statement

It is the vision of the school that management, teachers, and staff are  to be responsible in providing and giving the students the tools they need to succeed in school and to continue their education on an even higher level if possible . The school will do their utmost best to provide qualified teachers who are able to reach each individual child. The school will also provide all the necessary materials to enhance the learning of the students. The school will provide a safe and clean environment that is conducive to learning and play. The school will strive to get all (parents and other social organizations) involved to make sure that  each child does his/her best to succeed. Read more


Each school makes and takes important decisions.  The MR speaks on behalf of  both parents and staff and takes in a position with respect to what the administration/school Board does. One of the main tools of the MR  is the right to consent and the right to give advice. We are committed to working closely with the school management and parents. Through the MR,  parents and teachers can have a say in decisions that affect the school. The MR is trying to promote an atmosphere of openness and democracy, so that all those involved are aware what is happening . Read more

childrensrights“Rights” are things every child should have or be able to do. All children have the same rights. These rights are listed in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Almost every country has agreed to these rights. All the rights are connected to each other, and all are  equally important. Sometimes, we have to think about rights in terms of what is the best for children in a situation, and what is critical to life and protection from harm. As you grow, you have more responsibility to make choices and exercise your rights – UN Convention

Opening Hours

School starts: 7:30am – ends:1pm.
Buses pick-up: 6:30am – 7:00am.
K1 & K2 start: 7:45 – 8:00am – end:12:30pm.
Extra classes (3x a week)
starts: 1:15pm til 2:pm.

Breakfast & Lunch

Before School begins and during lunch time a free of charge Morning Breakfast  and Lunch are available for students who are of need.

Every two weeks the school comes together for Assembley.

 Parent’s Guide – Download



Conscious Discipline is a comprehensive social and emotional intelligence classroom management program. Read more    
Presentis is a program that allows students to login into their personal page and view grades, homework and many more. Coming Soon!
register now
Registration takes place at our Administration Office. You can contact Lucia Woods, our Register during the week from 7 am –12 noon to register your child. Read more
Children turning the age of four starts school the 1st day of the month following their birthday.  Read more

Meet Our New Teachers


Ms. Antoinette Granger

Ms. Antoinette Granger

K1 Teacher Assistant

Mrs. Sila Vijfhoven-Woerdings

Mrs. Sila Vijfhoven-Woerdings

Dutch Teacher

Ms Bianca Johnson

Ms Bianca Johnson

Grade 3 Teacher

Ms Angela van Maris

Ms Angela van Maris

Gym Teacher


Number of Students


Years of Educating


  Recent News

Read whats happening in our school.

Saba schools personnel’s salary to increase per January 1, 2019

The signing of the Agreement of the Terms of Employment by means of Chairman of the SCS Board Franklin Wilson, Mark Dodds and Tracy Zagers-Johnson of SCS, Orlando Mc. Pherson of Sacred Heart School, Elvin Henriquez of RCN/OCW, Commissioner Bruce Zagers and Director...

Greenhouses to be constructed at schools

In regards to promoting a healthy and active lifestyle and stimulating interest in agriculture on Saba, Commissioner Wilson proudly announced that The Ministry of Education would provide funds to the Public Entity Saba to construct a greenhouse at the Sacred Heart...