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School Board’s Message

Dear Parents:

It is a pleasure for me to address you as President of the School board for the school year 2017 -2018.

As we continue our journey at the Sacred Heart School with your child we hope to continue improving their skills, knowledge and positive behavior.

The Principal, teachers, staff and school board work together to assist and stimulate your child towards accomplishing their goals. Each child has his or her potential that God give them.

We need you the parents and guardians in a very special way, to work with us to ensure the success of your child’s school performance.

It is important to take time out to read with them and to review the work they did at school.

We urge you to pray together with your children, and find a quiet time to sit and listen to their concerns.

You taking the time out for your child or children, shows interest in what they have to say, encourages them to learn how they have to listen. In doing this they will learn to respect others when they are spoken too.

Remember it is important to give each other a hug. Let each child know they are loved, and cared for. This helps and encourages a child’s self-esteem, when they receive the love and attention at home; they don’t have to go outside to look for it.

Always pray with your children and remember to go to church as a family you are blessed as a family.

Parents and guardians turn off the T.V., the IPad, telephones, etc. and make time for your children.

Buying all the things in the world is not important for them, you being there for them and attending their activities is what is important for them. They feel proud and happy knowing their family is there to support and encourage them.

Always remember when we work together with God’s help we can succeed.

Have a great year 2018 -2019.

M.A. Simmons
Stichting Katholiek Onderwijs Saba, President
Board for Catholic Education Saba,