Complaints Procedure

Our school aims to have good relationships with each and every parent. Nevertheless it can happen that you as a parent seriously disagree with your child’s teacher or the school. When this is the case, it is important to know where to go with your complaint. We set a procedure for this. This procedure takes legal obligations into account.

* When you have a complaint concerning your child’s teacher, you first discuss it with the teacher and try to find an acceptable solution.

* If this conversation doesn’t lead to a satisfactory solution, or your complaint concerns school management, you can submit your complaint to the management of the school. You will be invited for a meeting in which your complaint will be discussed and hopefully solved.

* When this meeting doesn’t lead to a satisfactory agreement, you can turn to the school board. You have to report your complaint in writing to the board. The board will issue a statement after all concerned parties have been heard. You can send your letter to: SKOSABA , Att.: Mrs. Mary Anastasia Simmons, P.O. Box 33

* When your complaint still hasn’t come to an acceptable solution, you can turn to the Complaints Committee for Education. There is a separate procedure for submitting a complaint to this committee. All information relating to the complaints procedures will be available from the school management and can be found on the website .

Download: Complaint Procedure Form