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Complaints Procedure


On the BES-islands the Compulsory Education Act BES was implemented for parents, students, schools, government and truancy officer to know their role in ensuring and guaranteeing a child’s right to education.

Public Entity Saba would like to inform you of the rules and regulations that are stipulated in the Compulsory Education Act BES (Leerplichwet BES).

Our main objective is to ensure children receive an education and to ensure this, the Compulsory Education Act BES must be adhered to. Therefore, a truancy officer is appointed by the government to ensure that parents, students and schools are adhering to this law.


Truancy Officer

A truancy officer monitors school attendance and works with school administrators, students, parents, and their communities to keep students in school. Truancy officers act as law enforcement specialists to the extent that they enforce school attendance laws established by the Compulsory Education Law.


Parents must ensure that their children are registered at school and attend school regularly. The law is applicable to students from the age of four until the age of sixteen. At the age of 16, the student will have to follow a complete education program until he/she has obtained a start qualification MBO 2 diploma or has reached the age of 18.


Sacred heart School and Saba Comprehensive School are required to report suspected unauthorized absenteeism of 16 or more than 16 hours/periods to the truancy officer. Schools are also encouraged to alert the truancy officer before a student is at the unauthorized 16 hours/periods. Please note that tardiness can easily lead to the 16 hours/periods of absenteeism.


Additional Information & Requirements

Extra Leave

Extra leave up to a maximum of 10 school days per school year may be granted by the school. Please take note that if a request is made for 3 days and it is granted, the remaining 7 days are no longer available.

Parents should provide a well-reasoned extra leave request to the school principal in a timely manner. If an extra leave request exceeds 10 days it is submitted to the truancy officer. Submit the request at least 8 weeks prior to the extra leave commencement date.

Traveling Abroad for Medical

The parent is responsible for providing the school with a ZVK medical referral letter. The school prepares a letter and the truancy officer will date, sign and stamp the letter in agreement. This letter should be presented to immigration upon departure.

Parents can pick up letter Monday through Friday between 8:30 – 11:30am.

Download: Complaint Procedure Form