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Internal Care Coordinator/Vice-Principal Message


As care coordinator at Sacred Heart School, besides the classroom teacher and principal, I am a regular visitor to each classroom on a weekly basis.

Through observation, interaction and evaluation of students learning abilities & styles, their talents and interest are discussed with their teachers, parents as well as the students themselves.

At Sacred Heart School teachers are a source of inspiration and we uniformly provide a dependable and consistent influence on students as they make choices, changes and decisions about their primary education and life.

Some students may need an Individual Education Plan (IEP) or an Individual Development Plan (IDP) in order to accomplishment their individual needs and achievements. My ultimate accomplishment is to allow students to understand how to take responsibility of their own learning.

We have the greatest impact on students learning and we aim to do so with each student at heart.

Jarmila Wilson- Berkel
Internal Care Coordinator
Sacred Heart School