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All parents are welcome at SHS. We expect that parents and guardians will contribute in the enhancement of their child’s learning.

Encourage your child to read, do his/her homework and keep his/her books and copy books clean and tidy.

Our expectations are:

  • Before coming to school the child is properly dressed.
  • The child has received something to eat and drink.
  • The child’s hair is properly combed. NO COLORED Braids
  • You take time-out to ask about their day at school.
  • You check the child’s homework.
  • You spend some time reading, talking, playing with your child.
  • You support the teacher and work along with the teacher in order to bring out the very best in your child.
  • You have regular contact with your child’s homeroom teacher.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about school, we would like for you to follow this basic outline:

  • Please keep in contact with your child’s teacher regularly. Your child will benefit from this. Through better communication there will be misunderstandings and most important there will exist a positive working relationship. Teachers are here at school until 2 p.m.

Please refrain from sending your children with a cellular phone to school. Urgent calls can be made to the school principal or secretary and the message will surely reach your children.

We encourage you to attend parent evenings, meetings and workshops organized by the school or other educational stakeholders.


When accidents occur and if it is a minor incident (scratch, minor cut) First Aid will be given at the School Staff Office. On staff we have five new First Aid and Safety personnel. If is a major incident you will be immediately informed.

 Annual Educational Trip

Grade 6/ Group 8 go on an Annual Educational Trip as part of finalizing their elementary education level. This Annual Educational Excursion has been in existence since….. Parents of this class will be requested to work along closely with the class teacher to make this a reality.


On Monday morning we usually start our week with an assembly. Each class gets a turn to share something that they’ve learned during the week. At the assembly we also sing our anthem, school song, birthday song and we share the house points of the week. Every month the house with the most points will get a treat. There are also special activities planned throughout the course of the year.