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Teacher Vacancies

Stichting Katholiek Onderwijs Saba is looking for Energetic Motivated teachers for the Primary Classes.

Two available Vacancies:

  • Kindergarten teacher with experience
  • Classroom teachers that can teach any grade.

Job Requirements are:

  • Bachelors or Master’s Degree in Education.
  • Child friendly and a positive attitude
  • Good command of the English Language and if possible, Dutch and Spanish
  • Can differentiate in any subject area
  • Certificate of good conduct (Police Record)
  • Certificate of good physical and mental Health
  • Flexible and can persevere
  • Can teach ages 4 to 13

In your letter, please mention which vacancy  when applying in Header/Subject.  Applicants can send letters of application, updated resume/ CV, copy of Passport a/o ID and copies of Diploma to:

Stichting Katholiek Onderwijs
P.O.Box 33
St. John’s
Saba Dutch Caribbean


Guidance Officer Vacancy

Stichting Katholiek Onderwijs Saba is seeking a Dynamic Motivated Guidance Officer for the Sacred Heart School.

Job Requirements:

The task and function of the Guidance Officer are as follow:

  • Utilizing leadership, advocacy and collaboration
  • Guidance officers promote student success
  • Provide preventive service and
  • Respond to identified students’ needs by implementing a program that addresses academic, personal and social development for all children.

This job also requires core components for helping relationships, group and individual work, assessment, research and program evaluation.

Duties and Responsibility

Within this program several standards should be studied such as the

  • Identity of the school counseling
  • Cultural diversity
  • Human growth and development
  • Career development



  • Discusses the guidance counseling program with the school administrator.
  • Develops and maintain a written plan for effective delivery of the guidance counselors’
  • Study current individual school data.
  • Communicate the goals of the guidance officers program to education stakeholders ( i.e., administrators, teachers, students parents and community leaders).
  • Maintains current and appropriate resources for education stakeholders.
  • Use majority of the time providing direct services through a guidance plan, individual student planning, preventive and responsive services.
  • Uses data to develop comprehensive programs that meet student needs.


Guidance program

  • Provide leadership and collaborates with other educators in the school.
  • Be a leader and mentor for colleagues by providing advice and guidance in management, organization, communication and interaction with students.
  • Discuss strength and weaknesses with colleagues.
  • Discuss and formulate class goals for academic year.
  • Observe and record teachers’ performances for coaching purposes.
  • Implements developmentally appropriate and prevention – oriented group activities to meet student’s needs and school goal.
  • Incorporates into the program the life skills that students need to be successful in the 21st century.
  • Review & revise Code of Conduct, Information Booklet and School Guide.
  • Administer Standardized tests.

Individual Student Planning

  • Assist all students, individually or in groups, with developing academic, personal and social skills, goals and plans.
  • Accurately and appropriately interprets and utilizes student data (Confidential).
  • Collaborates with parents/guardians and educators to assist students with educational, personal and social skills.

Preventive and Responsive Services

  • Provides individual and group counseling to students with identified concerns and needs.
  • Consult and collaborates effectively with parents/ guardians, teachers, administrators and other educational/community resources regarding students with identified concerns and needs.
  • Implement an effective referral and follow-up process.
  • Accurately and appropriately uses assessment procedures for determining and structuring individual and group guidance services.

System support

  • Provides appropriate information to school personnel related to the program.
  • Assist teachers, parents/ guardians and other stakeholders in interpreting and understanding student data.
  • Participates in professional development activities to improve knowledge and skills.
  • Uses available technology resources to enhance the school counseling program.
  • Adhere to laws, policies, procedures and ethical standards of the school guidance officer profession.


  • Monthly classroom evaluation / setting with teachers.
  • Conducts a yearly program audit to review extent of program implementation and effectiveness.
  • Collect and analyzes data to guide program directions and emphasis.
  • Measure results of activities and share results as appropriate with relevant stakeholders.
  • Monitor student academic performance, behavior, and attendance and facilitates appropriate interventions.


  • An essential role of the guidance officer is to work closely with teachers in tracking the students’ performances in school.
  • A tracking system is effective when the information is used to guide teachers and students.
  • This tracking system must not only show the academic achievement of students, but also emotional and personal development.
  • It must take into account the students’ psycho-social development.

Applicants must have all requirements. Applicants can send letters of application, updated resume/ CV, copy of Passport a/o ID and copies of Diploma to

Stichting Katholiek Onderwijs
P.O.Box 33
St. John’s
Saba, Dutch Caribbean