Medezeggenschapsraad (MR)

General Information

Each school makes and takes important decisions.  The MR speaks on behalf of  both parents and staff and takes in a position with respect to what the administration/school Board does. One of the main tools of the MR  is the right to consent and the right to give advice.

We are committed to working closely with the school management and parents. Through the MR,  parents and teachers can have a say in decisions that affect the school. The MR is trying to promote an atmosphere of openness and democracy, so that all those involved are aware what is happening .

MR members have to be connected to the school they represent. The MR of the Sacred Heart School consist of 4 members:

  • 2 members from the parents – elected by the parents.
  • 2 members from the staff – chosen by the school personnel.


Ms. Alsion Hassel (President)
Mr. Randall Johnson (Vice President)
Ms. Tiffany Zagers (Secretary)
Mr. Sundiata Lake  (Member)
Mrs Camille Johnson (Member)

Meeting Hours:
Every 3rd Thursday of the month from 2pm – 3pm

Regulations & Statutes

In the MR Agreement all the essentials are covered, including:

  • The number of members and the composition of the council.
  • The election procedure and sitting term.
  • How consultation and information are arranged.
  • How school personnel and parents are involve.
  • Rules and deadlines.

In the MR Agreement below, you will find the complete information.
MR Agreement – Download English version
MR Agreement – Download Dutch version