New Commissioner of Education Eviton Heyliger paid a visit to the construction site of the Sacred Heart School on Thursday, March 30. From left: Policy Advisor Education & Project leader BES(t) 4 kids Rosa Johnson, Commissioner Heyliger, Executive Director of the SKOSaba/SEF schoolboards Anton Hermans, Commissioner Bruce Zagers and Brian Hassell of Work Monster.

The highest point at the new building of the Sacred Heart Primary School was recently reached. On Thursday, March 30, on his first working day as the new Commissioner of Education, Eviton Heyliger, accompanied by his colleague Commissioner Bruce Zagers, visited the construction site.

The main structure of the two-story building is now complete. The Saba flag is proudly flying over the now-completed roof structure. The main construction company for this project, Work Monster is making steady progress, said Project Manager Michael Bacon who is content with the quality of work that is being delivered by the local contractors. The project is funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW) and carried out by the Public Entity Saba.

Initially planned for the end of May, the project is now scheduled to be completed one month later due to the arrival of windows and doors. The new school building consists of four classrooms and office space for the care coordinator, Dutch teachers, and the art teacher. There will also be a restroom. A new extra feature has been added, which is the gazebo where children can sit in a shaded area outside.

New Commissioner of Education Heyliger said the visit to the new school building was most informative. “It is good to see the progress that the hard-working men of Work Monster are making. Once this project is completed, the Sacred Heart School will have much more space for the kindergarten children and some of the teaching staff,” said Heyliger, thanking the ministry for making the funding available.

To the Netherlands

As part of this project, two kindergarten teachers, two teacher assistants, the care coordinator and the director of EC2 will travel to the Netherlands on April 7 for a one-week study visit. They will visit several primary schools and observe kindergarten classrooms to learn about the working methods, classroom arrangement, theme-based education, independent learning, classroom management, and use of materials.

The objective is that after this study visits, teachers and assistants will be able to create a class environment where children are stimulated to learn by play, to offer activities that involve active learning, and to promote independence and cooperation of children by clear classroom management.

The teachers, teacher assistants, care coordinator, and EC2 director will also visit the Rolf Group, a company that specializes in school materials and furnishing. At the Rolf Group, the Saba delegation will take a look at kindergarten materials and school furniture for the new school building that enhances learning through play vision and stimulates independent working.