Bus Drivers

Head of the bus transportation
Bus 1: Mr. Kevin Hassell 

Other drivers are:
Bus 2: Mr. Albert Levenstone (Al)
Bus 3: Mr. Shem Hassell 
Bus 4: Mr. Angelo Dore (Biggie)
Bus 5: Mr. Keith Johnson 
Bus 6: Mr. Tony Hughes (Rebel)
Bus 7: Mr. Kevin Johnson
Bus 8: Mr. Eddie Linzey

At the ending of the day , teachers are to walk with their class down to the buses to ensure the students get into the correct buses.

In accordance with Conscious Discipline each teacher is assigned to a bus ensuring that students are lined up properly and are
calm upon entering the bus.
Kindergarten ends at 12:30 pm.
Grade 1 through 5 school ends at 1pm.
Grade 6 school ends at 2 pm
Extra Support Classes end at 2pm. (Those days are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday)
The bus services are also for field trips, visits to the library.



The government of Saba provides school transportation to and from school. The buses are also available for field trips, visits to the Library and Dentist and any other school related event.

it is a priviledge to ride the school bus; students are expected to follow the below:
• obey the driver
• Stand off the road way while waiting for the bus.
• observe classroom conduct at all times while on board the bus.
• Sit according to the seating arrangement if one is provided by the bus driver.
• Remain seated when the bus is in motion.
• Keep arms, legs, and head inside the bus, not out the window.
• Remain quiet, unnecessary conversation or loud noise can cause danger.
• No eating or drinking in the school bus.
• pay for damage to school buses property within 10 days after billing.

If a bus drivers complaints about a child’s behavior
in the bus, their parents will be notified and this
may lead to suspension of riding the bus.