Bus Drivers

Bus #1      Mr. Benny Johnson

Bus #2      Mr. Albert Levenstone

Bus #3      Mr. Anthony Hassell (Bussy Bussy)

Bus #4      Mr. Angelo Dore (Biggie)

Bus #5     Mr. Keith Johnson

Bus #6      Mr. Kevin Hassell

Bus #7      Mr. Kevin Johnson

Private Bus

Ms. Joanna Hurtault


The government of Saba provides school transportation to and from school. The buses are also available for field trips, visits to the Library and Dentist and any other school related event.
• Greet the bus driver.
• Treat the bus driver with respect.
• Speak quietly in the bus.
• Remain seated.
• Treat each other with respect.
• Don’t throw anything out the window.

If a bus drivers complaints about a child’s behavior
in the bus, their parents will be notified and this
may lead to suspension of riding the bus.