Code of Conduct in School

• Form of address: We use Principal, Teacher, Ms or Mr. first name.

• Respect towards each other is always our focus point. All members of our school community are treated with respect.

• We don’t use indecent or dubious remarks to hurt others, neither discriminating or sexual remarks nor abusive language.

• We use a positive approach when correcting students.

• Everyone is held accountable for respectful and responsible behavior and must model such behavior.

• Proper behavior in the school bus must be shown as well.

• No electrical gadgets are allowed at school.

• Handle books, Tablets, Headphones and other material with care.

 Consequences for inappropriate behavior may include:

• Assignments such as extra work or cleaning duties

• Behavior plan

• Confiscation of property that is not allowed in the school

• Contact with parents or guardians

• Sending a child home

• Loss of privileges

• Reminder or warning

• Suspension from school or bus

• Detention

Detention Code of Conduct on the buses

It is a privilege to ride the school bus. Students are expected to follow the rules.

Students must:

1. Obey the driver.

2. Stand off the roadway while waiting for the bus.

3. Be at the bus stop on time and apply all school rules.

4. Sit according to the seating arrangement if one is proved by the bus driver.

5. Remain seated when the bus is in motion.

6. Keep arms, legs, and head inside the windows.

7. Remain quiet, unnecessary conversation or loud noise can cause danger.

8. Observe classroom conduct at all times while aboard the bus.

9. No eating or drinking in the school bus.

10. Pay for damage to school buses property within 10 days after billing.

Zero Tolerance

Our school policy allows no tolerance for aggressive behavior. This means that we do not tolerate:

  • Bullying
  • Disrespectful body language
  • Fighting
  • Rude gestures
  • Rude language
  • Rude play
  • Screaming
  • Teasing and Threats

At times students are confused with rules at home and at school, because they are usually not synchronized. Nevertheless, at school we can’t tolerate certain behaviors.

Sometimes children lose their self-control. During these moments we teach them other ways to express their feelings or solve a problem. If students persevere in rudeness they will consequently be punished.

Students’ behavior will be communicated to their parents by phone, by the communication book or by asking you to come in and/or sending a child home.