Educational areas are taught based HSP curriculum, SLO learning lines and specific methods.

Language Art: Journeys And English Grammar.

Mathematics: Math in Focus

Science: Bright Ideas.

Social Studies: There’s no set curriculum for this subject. In kindergarten through out grade 3 they learn about their family, the extended families and their community and Saba. Starting in Grade 4 they should focused on the Caribbean the islands, Culture, Tourism. Grades 5 and 6 should be in general about the world, civics. The government the rights and wrong of society, making choices etc. Both the Canadian Curriculum and the Journey’s Method are used as resources for Social Studies.

Dutch (reading and writing)
Kindergarten 1 –Grade 2: Pelikino
Grade 3– Grade 6: Nederlands onder de zon

ICT: Computer

Spanish: Grade 6 only
Grade 6A – Time: 12:30pm – 1:15pm
Grade 6B – Time: 1:15pm – 2:00pm

Religion: We Believe

We also look at the social—emotional development of the child; how they interact with the teacher with their classmates etc.

Your child will be tested bi-weekly, monthly and at the end of each term. The end of term grade is based on all subjects covered for that term. Promotion is based on the six key highlighted areas.

Report Card & Promotion Criteria

Student promotion is based on student achievement and academic performance as they progress successfully through the essential curriculum. Recognizing that all children do not learn or develop at the same rate, our education policy provides for differentiated instruction for those students who require it. Parents are to be notified when a child is having trouble mastering certain skills and may not be promoted despite intervention. A student, who passes all subjects or fails only two of the seven core (major) subjects for the year will be promoted.

A student who fails three core subjects, can be promoted based on evaluation given by Care Team and with intention.