Youth Health Care at the Sacred Heart School Saba

The role of the Public Health Department is to monitor, protect and promote the health of the people on Saba. One of the main tasks of the public health department is preventive Youth Health Care, from conception till age 19. It involves advising and supporting parents (to be), monitoring physical,
social and emotional development of children at regular intervals, vaccinating children against infectious diseases, and signaling of problems and referring when needed.

We do this together with the school, other care professionals and of course the parents.

This school year, they will provide the vaccinations in Grade 4 and all children of K2 and Grade 5 will
be invited for a preventive health check. We will also participate in lessons about health and lifestyle
at school.

If you have questions or concerns, you can request make an appointment.
tel: 416 3311 ext 315 or 416 5177