Medezeggenschapsraad (MR)

By law, every school in The Netherlands and Dutch Caribbean has a Participation Council / Medezeggenschrapsraad (MR). The participation council consists of representatives of staff and parents at the school.

The Participation in Schools Act mention what powers the MR have and what information they should receive from the management or the board.

As a MR, we have three rights:

· The right of consent (the board must obtain the approval of the MR)
· The right to advise (the board asks the advice of the MR)
· The right of initiative (the MR can come up with proposals)

In consultation with the board, discussed the school policy and associated policy plans. It can relate to various areas, such as the use of the funds, the school plan, the quality of education, safety in and around school, etc.

The Sacred Heart School MR is committed to working closely with the school management and parents. Through the MR, parents and teachers can have a say in decisions that affect the school.

The MR is trying to promote an atmosphere of openness and democracy, so that all those involved are aware what is happening.

The MR of the Sacred Heart School consists of 5 members at this time:

  • 2 members from the parents: Akilah Levenstone, Randall Johnson
  • 2 members from the staff: Alison Hassel, Sundiata Lake

Parents can contact the MR with questions and remarks via,  with which they do not want to go directly to the team or management.

Do you want to become a member of the MR?
If you are a parent who has a child attending the Sacred Heart School; thinks along regularly and is passionate about the development of the school and its education, you can do so in the Participation Council. Knowledge of matters in and around school is not really important. The involvement in the school is what matters! you can register for the MR via our email address:  or speak to one of us personally. 

MR Brochure – Download