Our Mission

The mission statement of the Sacred Heart School is:

To empower each child Intellectually, emotionally, socially, culturally, physically and spiritually in an environment conducive to Self-motivated learning.

The child will develop to his/her fullest potential as a contributing member Of the community.

Each child will be treated with dignity, respect and appreciation of his/her individual contributions.

Vision Statement

Vision statement is based on how we carry out the mission statement in school.

It is the vision of the school that management, teachers, and staff are  to be responsible in providing and giving the students the tools they need to succeed in school and to continue their education on an even higher level if possible . The school will do their utmost best to provide qualified teachers who are able to reach each individual child. The school will also provide all the necessary materials to enhance the learning of the students. The school will provide a safe and clean environment that is conducive to learning and play. The school will strive to get all (parents and other social organizations) involved to make sure that  each child does his/her best to succeed.

The vision carried out in the class.

Teachers group students according to their abilities. Teachers provide centers in the classroom where students are able to work independently on assigned tasks.   Teachers show respect and are role models for the students. Teachers work with the individual child when it is needed. Teachers motivate and encourage students to get better grades and to feel good about themselves.