Child Focus

Child Focus is a non-government organization, that offers  after-school-activities to all school going youth from 4-18 years old. We also offer support to parents in raising their children, and Family Days aiming at improvement of the relationship between children and parents.

We have a fun program of sporting, creative and educational activities e.g. homework support, piano and guitar lessons, baseball, softball, dance, arts & crafts, photography, etc.

If you have any ideas or you want to help as a youth leader, please feel free to contact us at 416-2318 or email to


Saba Girls and Boys Sport Society After School Care.

After serving the Saba Community for 50 years the Saba Girls and Boys Sport society has added a new addition to its program.

As of September 2011 the after school care program was started for children between the ages of 4 and 13.

The program runs from 12:30 to 6:00 pm from Monday to Friday at the Culture Building in the Bottom.

Parents can contact Tr. Elka Charles for further information.

Different activities are organize during this time such as homework help, Arts, Crafts, Music etc.


Saba Comprehesive School

The Saba Comprehensive School is the only school for Secondary, Pre-Vocational, Vocational, and Special Needs education on the island.

Saba Comprehensive School, St. Johns, Saba, Dutch Caribbean

Tel: +599-4163270



The EC2 team works with and for pupils of 3-24 years old who experience issues with behavior, learning, communication, physical, and/or social-emotional development. They can be enrolled in the Laura Linzey Daycare Center (LLDC), the Sacred Heart Primary School (SHS), the Saba Comprehensive School (SCS), or the Social Opportunity Pathway for Youngsters (SKJ). The total number of students on Saba is approximately 300.

Telephone:  +599 416 3809


Youth and family Center

Center for Youth and Family Center Saba, organizes projects & activities with the objective to support children/youngsters and families in the discovery and development of their competencies.

By offering activities that are fun and challenging, we try to contribute to their development. The activities often have a relationship with leisure, family, education, sport and health.

Call +599 416.3718, +599 416.3719