Report Card & Promotion Criteria

• Student promotion is based on student achievement and academic performance as they pro-gress successfully through the essential curriculum.
• Recognizing that all children do not learn or develop at the same rate, our education policy provides for differentiated instruction for those students who require it.
• Parents are notified when a child is having trouble mastering certain skills and may not be promoted despite intervention.
• A student, who passes all subjects or fails only two of the seven core (major) subjects for the year will be promoted.

Placement & Promotion

• Children may enter the school the Monday following their fourth (4th) Birthdays. For example: If their 4th birthday falls on a Monday, they will start school the following Monday.
• Children who enter in January should complete a whole year in Kindergarten 1.
• Exceptions to the rule can be made if the teacher of that class after consultation with the internal guidance officer and management can adequately prove that the child is academically, socially and emotionally ready to be promoted.

Academically: refers to Language Art/ Reading readiness, math/science readiness, work habits and motor skills.

Social emotional development: refers to being able to interact well with others, share and play cooperatively, participates in groups activities, keep hands to oneself, respect the rules of the school & class, show self-confidence and take care of one’s own needs.
• All request to move children forward ahead of schedule must be handled in a joint meeting of classroom teacher, management and the Care Coordinator.
• In this meeting the class teacher’s advice weighs heavily.
• The class teacher advises on readiness of the child according to the progress of the above mentioned academic, social and emotional development.
• Parents who have made such a request will be informed of the outcome by the principal.Transfer Students
• Transfer students coming from different islands in the region or from abroad shall need to have documented proof of them attending a previous school.
• They are still subjected to be tested if it shows that they are not meeting the standards of class they are put in.
• The school will also be in contact with the previous school if possible.

Transfer to Saba Comprehensive School.

The students of grade 6/Group 8 participates in their final exams in the month of May. Management must meet with the committee of Secondary education to give advice regarding the future of each student.

Decisions are made in consultation with the classroom teacher. Parents are informed in writing and will have the opportunity to discuss the decision with the teachers separately.

A series of assessment with parental consent is carried out in Term 2 and Term 3. E.g. An IQ-Test, Social Well–being assessment, KTEA assessment which is usually carried out by EC2.

Graduation is held during the last week of school for the Grade 6 students and is organized by the classroom teacher along with the parents.