School Board Members

At the beginning of 2021, a completely new board took office for SKOSaba.

This board consist of 8 people and works closely with the director. Every 2 to 4 weeks there is a board meeting to which the director is invited or not


The school board consist of: 

(L to R): Ms. Yamila Bulos (Member), Mr. Franklin Wilson (Member),  Mrs. Trisha Gumbs-Yu (Member), Mr. Jonathan Johnson (Chairman).

The board is accountable to the inspectorate and the government for Sacred Heart School and acts as an employer for all employees. The board manages the director in accordance with the guidelines and with due observance of the division of roles as laid down in the Management Charter. The director is mainly responsible for the substantive side of the education, the guidance of the teachers and the contact with parents and external parties. If you as a parent have a problem or want to report something, the director of the school is your point of contact.